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Crazy Taxi 3

Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

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Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller is the third game in the Crazy Taxi series, and was released for the Xbox and Microsoft Windows, with also an arcade release under the name Crazy Taxi: High Roller.


Hitmaker had tried to develop an on-line version of Crazy Taxi, to be called Crazy Taxi Next exclusively for the Xbox, which, besides multiplayer game modes, would have included night and day cycles, each with a different set of passengers and destinations, while reusing and graphically updating the maps from Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2. Ultimately, both multiplayer and day/night cycles were dropped and work on Crazy Taxi Next was transferred to Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller, which included some of the nighttime driving concepts suggested by Next.


The game consists of three locations:
  • West Coast (from Crazy Taxi 1)
  • Small Apple (from Crazy Taxi 2, now set at night)
  • Glitter Oasis (new location for Crazy Taxi 3)
Stages are improved graphically and are tightened and updated for full use of the gameplay elements.

Crazy X

Crazy Taxi 3 inherits the tradition of mini-games from the Crazy Taxi series. Crazy X consists of three levels, each testing a different criteria of skills e.g. Steering, use of Crazy Dash, Crazy Drift etc.
By completing all of level 1, maps of the locations are available on the menu which includes all the destinations and short-cuts. Completing level 2 will provide you with three more different types of vehicle to ride on: Stroller, Bike and Carriage.

Background Information

In 2003, High Roller was ported to the arcade via the Xbox-based Chihiro system board. Some versions of this game allow the player to actually win money back from the machine. These versions also include a non-paying version of the game with different difficulty levels.

PC Port

A PC Port of Crazy Taxi 3 came in early 2004 only in Europe,[2] featuring higher resolution graphics and steering wheel support[citation needed]. Unfortunately the game suffered frame rate drops as the Xbox version but didn't have a very significant impact on the gameplay itself. Due to poor sales the game was out on the bargain range within a few months of release.[citation needed].


The soundtrack for Crazy Taxi 3 features three bands, The OffspringBad Religion, and Silverbullit. Additional songs for menus and credits are provided by The Offspring, Bad Religion, Methods of Mayhem and Brian Setzer's '68 Comeback Special.
Main menus: The Offspring - Special Delivery (intro)
West Coast
Character select: Bad Religion - Hear It (intro)
Credits: Bad Religion - Inner Logic
  • The Offspring - All I Want
  • The Offspring - No Brakes
  • The Offspring - Want You Bad
Small Apple
Character select: Methods of Mayhem - Who The Hell Cares (intro)
Credits: Methods of Mayhem - Crash
  • Bad Religion – Punk Rock Song
  • Bad Religion – Empty Causes
  • Bad Religion - Ten in 2010
Glitter Oasis
Character select: Brian Setzer's '68 Comeback Special - Ignition (intro)
Credits: Brian Setzer's '68 Comeback Special - Hot Rod Girl
  • Silverbullit - Boom Boom Boogie
  • Silverbullit - King of the Line
  • Silverbullit - Raw Power Angel
The following list is for the Microsoft Windows version:

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