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Fearless fighters of Haradan,

since quite some time all heroes in the MMORPG Juggernaut can benefit from a manifold of events like Time of Ardent Hearts, Time of Epic Victories or Time for Getting Rich. Now we are very proud to be able to introduce a brandnew event which will provide you with another way to gain heroism: from today on there is a new possibility to gain heroism - the Time for Sacrifice - updated!

Attention, treasure hunters!

MMORPG Juggernaut: Laea the beneficient (NPC)

Treasure hunters of Haradan,
from old stories and ancient books we know that there is another world existing, which is seperated from Haradan by a mystical invisible border of protective energy. Sometimes this border isn't as impenetrable as it is meant to be, and wondrous little creatures called Trovers escape and roam through the MMORPG Juggernaut. Let's take a closer look at the magic that these little fellows are able to use.

The Many Faces of Juggernaut



Heroes of Haradan,
any self-respecting warrior will not only have achieved perfection in the art of combat, but also knows how to look good. Wonderful armour and weapons, bright cloaks, souvenir scars from tough battles - all of these can not only scare or attract people, they can also help you express your individuality.

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