Thursday, 29 November 2012

Pockie Pirates Wiki Crew

Pockie Pirates Wiki Crew

This is a fan made wikia for Pockie Pirates. If you want contribute feel free to edit and add any pages you feel this wikia is lacking and we will add it to the front page or simply click the red text and it will directly link you to create a new page. If you want to be one of the admin in this wikia simply leave a message on our talk pages and we will get back to you.
Pockie Pirate is the fairly anticipated browser based game, with some similarities from the popular Pockie Ninja games. Whereas the Pockie Ninja games revolved around the world from the manga and animes of Naruto and Bleach, Pockie Pirates is based on the world of One Piece. Both sets of games are also being hosted by the same company, Game 321 . This game is originated and developed by a Chinese company.

The game's open beta was launched on July 4th, 2012. The game currently has 21 Servers and is on Chapter 5: The Straw Hats Arrive UPDATED: 15th November 2012
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