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Q: Is "Fame" Important? What Can I do with Fame? How Do I get Fame?
A: Fame can be obtained by completing quests. Actually, Quests are the only way to obtain fame. In other words, a level 30 character can have more fame than a level 100 character by doing more quests than him. However, higher level quests usually give a lot more fame than lower level quests do. Fame is very important in the game. For example, Pets require fame to use. Increasing Fame also means Increasing your title. After achieving a certain amount of Fame, one's Title will change. This is what a title looks like Weak[Warrior]J3ff and after achieving a certain amount of fame it will change into something different, for example Strong[Warrior]J3ff 

Q: What Does Sleeping Do?
A: Sleeping is an Active Skill, it basicly heals you over time. However, when your character is sleeping you cannot attack or move or else it will cancel out "Sleep". When another Monster attacks you, "Sleep Mode"will be de-activated and you will no longer regernate hp and ap over time.

Q: What is the Combo system? I heard its a main component of the game.
A: It is indeed a main component of the game especiially for warriors and knights. For more information view this thread.
Q: Is there any diffrence in sleeping between a higher level character and a lower level character.
A: The only diffrence in sleeping is the outlooks. There are three diffrent levels of sleeping. News Paper -> Bed -> Comfy Bed. The level of a character doesnt determine whether you sleep on News Paper or a Comfy bed, fame does. In other words, a level 100 character without fame can be sleeping in News Paper while a level 30 with a lot of fame can be sleeping in a Comfy Bed.

Q: Is there Emoticons in SealOnline?
A: Infact there is, visit this thread to know more about


Q: How Many Stats Do I get per level?
A: You Get 3 stats per level.

Q: What Stats Can I add?
A: Strength, Agility, Wisdom, Intelligence, Luck, Vitality. Also Known as Str, Agi, Wis, Int, Luk, Vit.


Q: What is the diffrence Between Crystal / Ruby / Diamond / Pink diamond.
A: For information about general information on upgrading with Crystal / Ruby / Diamond / Pink diamond, visit this link.

Q: What is the success rate of upgrading ?
A: For information about success rate visit this link



Q: What Kind of Weapon Does a warrior use?
A: Two-Handed Swords.

Q: Can you dual wied weapons as a Warrior?
A: I wish so, but unfortunately no.

Q: What Stats does a warrior add?
A: Mainly Str and Agi. Other Stats like Vit and Luk is optional.
Q: What are combos? A: This thread will answer most your questions on what a combo is, what it does, the benefits of combos and how to preform a combo.


Q: What kind of Weapons do Knights use?
A: They use a 1 handed sword and a shield on off-hand

Q: What kind of Builds do Knights have?
A: They have basicly 3 builds, Single Target Build (Mainly str, and agi) .. AoE Build (mix between Str and Vit and a little Agi) and Hybird build (Mix between all 3 stats). I dont recommend Hybird build.

Q: Do Knights have High defence?
A: Knights have the Highest Defence in the game

Q: Whats unique about Knights?
A: In my opinion, Knights are just tanks like any other game. Nothing too unique about Knights. 


Q: What Kind of Weapon do mages use?
A: Mainly Staffs, there are other weapons a mage can equip but not for grinding / pvp, just for looks.

Q: Do Mages do a lot of damage?
A: Yes, they're the highest damage dealing class in the game (Excluding Pure Int Jesters, it's another complicated Topic)

Q: Do Mages earn money or use a lot of Money?
A: Mages uses money on Hp potions and Ap potions, However Mages are able to 1~2 shot monsters. In other words it's easy for Mages to farm on items which gives them the ability to gain a lot of Monster drops / items easily. In conclusion, Mages consume some money on Pots but they are huge money makers in the end.


Q: What Kind of Weapons do Jesters Use?
A: Mainly Daggers, there are other weaposn a Jester can equip but not for grinding / pvp, just for looks.

Q: Is Jester a Melee Class?
A: No, Jester isnt a melee class. Jesters Throw Daggers towards monsters from a short distance, not as far as mages.

Q:What Stats are important for Jesters?
A: Str, Dex, Int (Further discussion visit Jester Section) 

  Q: Whats unique about Jesters?
A: Jesters Have high attack speed and supportive skills.


Q:What Weapons do Priests Use?
A: Mainly Clubs, there are other weapons a priest can equip but not for grinding / pvp, just for looks.

Q: Is a Priest 100% supportive class?
A: No, there are a lot of Battle Priests Out there. (View Priest Section for more information)

Q: What are Pure Int Priests?
A: Priest with Pure Int are mainly for support. They rely on someone else to help them level. The advantage of Pure Int priests is that their buffs and heals are stronger than a normal priest's heal and buffs. 


Q: What Weapons do Craftsmen Use?
A: Hammers. there are other weapons a craftsmen can equip but not for grinding / pvp, just for looks. 

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